We are closing our production next Saturday (May 11th) and have some scenic pieces available for purchase.  I know it's short notice!  Please see some items and descriptions below and let us know if you have any interest or questions.

While we would need a commitment by Saturday May 11th, we would be willing to hold the items for a period of time.  Available with casters and rigging or without (which would be cheaper).  Pickup in Red Bank, NJ.  

Email with questions. Thanks for your interest!

Directed by Joseph Stefanelli

Design by Shane Cinal

Scissor 1.jpg

Rising lab table and skirt

Actual scissor lift modified with Frederick platform behind and table on top. Battery powered, operator hides behind and drives it on stage. Used for monster and for Inga scene, lift rises and lowers electrically. It was a great effect. Weighs 2,800 pounds.

Painted Lab Walls.jpg


-We have 3 painted lab walls. The large center one is currently rigged to fly but can be attached to a wagon. Luan covered 1x4 flats perfect for this show. Stage Right flat with 4 switches (1 to be 'thrown', and 3 functional). The upstage flat has a bookshelf for the reveal of Igor's face. The stage left flat has a 'switch and knob' station for pretend lifting and lowering the bed.

Hayride 2.jpg


Perfect for Roll in the Hay, this hayride piece rolls well on 4 locking casters. It also has a seat for Igor. Available with or without casters.



Free standing, painted with equations.


revolving bookcase

Rolling wagon with revolving bookcase and candle holders. Spins around well with crew behind hidden in corners. Available with casters and brakes or without. Also available with prop books (just spines for weight) or without.

Village Flats.jpg

Village flats

Two painted village flats are available with or without rigging hardware. They are painted in perspective and are luan covered 1x3 construction. Can be used as a fly or with a traveller track.

Hermit Cottage.jpg

hermit cottage

With man-sized cutout that drops into the cottage and out of the cottage for dramatic entrance and exit. Available with or without casters. Travels on a wagon with folding side wall.

Dungeon Door.jpg

Dungeon door

With eye-slit on rolling platform. Available with or without casters.

Castle Door.jpg

castle door

With large knockers on rolling platform. Available with or without casters.


The gallows

To hang Frederick. Functional trap door with drop, our actor wore a harness for act two and we were able to clip him in with fake noose. Wheel-barrow design for stability. Folding staircase in front for access.



Rolling cave unit, with or without casters, for Elizabeth and the Monster.


electric chair

Double sided chair for brain transference.