The Pirates of Penzance

Presented at the Count Basie Theatre

September 2005



Samuel, a pirate – Bob Steiner
The Pirate King – Joe Caruso
Frederic, a pirate apprentice – Jeff Price
Ruth, a pirate maid – Shelley Zieglar
Mabel, General Stanley’s daughter – Stefani Curley
Edith, another daughter – Denise Jobes
Kate, another daughter – Chelsea Pace
Isabel, daughter – Alessandra Johnson
Major General Stanley – Bob Brown
The Sergeant of Police – John Alfonso
The Pirates
Dylan Brennan – Brent Carter
Michael Dalberg – Russell Kehlmann
Mike Lapp – Rick Makin – Bijan Mousavi
Bryan Pivnick – Fred Rung – Bryan Smith
Robbie Smith – Sean Tivenan
The Daughters
Kerilyn Acer – Laura Bembridge
Megan Bolger – Rebecca Curley
Janice Liddy – Kimberly Triola
Shana Vaccaro – Danielle Vitoroulis
Christin Vivona – Dannyelle Zywan
The Police
Michael Dalberg – Michael Hollingsworth
Russell Kehlmann – Mat Weisfeld
Bryan Pivnick – Rob Smith – Mike Lapp

Producer – Tom Martini
Associate Producer – Bob Brown
Director/Choreographer – Todd Aikens
Assistant Director – Fran Centofante-Katz
Musical Director – Regina McAllen
Choreographer – David Pacheco
Assistant Choreographer – Tara Eccles
Set Designer – Tom Martini
Assistant Set Designer – Laurie Dellaccio
Lighting Designer – Anthony Calicchio
Costume Designer – Linda Erickson
Assistants to Costumer – Nancy Bembridge, Carolyn Bembridge, Maryanne Marke, Laurette Schlitzey, Rebecca Farel, Stephanie Pownall
Stage Manager – Jackie LaPore
Technical Director – Scott Naef
Sound Design – L&M Sound
Set Construction – John Onorato, Michael Walsh, Bob Smith, Bob Brown, Stephanie, Pownall, Bryan Smith
Scenic Painters – Chelsea Pace, Christine Walsh, John Alfonso
Marketing – Laurie Edwards
Box Office Manager – Holly DeFilippo
Box Office Staff – Kristine Usdan, Katya Alexandrova
Raffle Coordinator – Andrea Zawadzky
Program Editor – Jamey Ivey

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