Rising Star Musical Theatre Summer Camps

Rising Star Musical Theatre Summer Camps are now Enrolling for the Summer of 2017


Three exciting 3-week options for young performers ages 7-17! All taught by the professional talent that brings our "Broadway in the Burbs" performances to life.  

TRIPLE THREAT CAMP- designed to hone and strengthen a performer's musical theatre skills building a solid foundation in singing, dancing and acting.  

RISING STAR YOUTH PRODUCTIONS- the camp experience designed with a focus on a performance.  This experience replicates a production run including auditions thru a final performance for friends and family.  

BROADWAY or BUST!- The full-day camp experience satisfying a young performers' desire to train and perform. Get a solid foundation in your triple threat training each morning, and rehearse for a modestly-scaled musical production every afternoon!



Early Enrollment for our Rising Star 2016

Musical Theatre Summer Camp Programs is now OPEN!

For the summer of 2016, Phoenix will be providing three exciting 3-week options!  Choose the Phoenix Summer Camp Experience that best fits your child’s musical theatre interests and summer schedule!s 


Option 1) Rising Star Youth Productions**

Experience musical theatre in a fun, half-day camp for grades 1-12 (ages 7-17). Your child will work alongside accomplished area performing professionals, directors, and teaching artists during daily rehearsals in dancing, singing, and acting. With props and costumes, singing and scene-work, your child’s experience will culminate in a performance of a modestly-scaled, youth-appropriate main stage show for friends and family. Please note that students are grouped with their peers, and casting is at the discretion of the director.  Option runs Monday-Friday 1:00pm-4:30pm Daily

Click here to see Session dates and options! Hurry, space is limited!

Option 2) Triple Threat Camps 


From our Rising Star Youth Productions to the bright lights of Broadway, whatever your musical theatre aspirations, your foundation begins with your technique and triple threat training!

Led by our highly skilled Phoenix veterans with solid experience in both theatre and teaching, this inclusive three week training program is committed to the development of the next generation of performers by providing focused instruction in an immersive musical theatre environment.  Our triple threat camps are designed for students in grades 1-12.  Each student will be placed into a "company" based on factors including age, ability, and experience determined by day one activities.

Companies will train together in technique-specific classes and will work collaboratively during the rehearsal process on assigned musical numbers, vignettes, and scenes to be presented on the last day of the session for family and friends. The focus will be on technique and developing the foundation of a solid skill set that they will use in their performing for years to come!  This year, students may choose to focus on: Broadway Revivals (Session 1) or Contemporary Broadway Musicals (Session 2). Monday-Friday 9:00am – 12:30pm Daily 

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Option 3) Broadway or Bust! Full Day **picture of perfomers in practice

Immerse yourself in a full day of musical theatre fun! The Full Day, "Broadway or Bust" option combines you child's desire to both train and perform. Get a solid foundation in your triple threat training each morning from 9:00am-12:30pm, and rehearse for a on-stage musical production (High School Musical, Jr or Into the Woods, Jr) every afternoon from 1:00-4:30pm!  Monday-Friday 9:00am – 4:30pm Daily

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**Rising Star Summer Youth Production Placement Auditions

Placement auditions are required to participate in either or both of these fully costumed summer workshop productions and are open to performers in grades 1 – 12. No prior experience is needed to audition. The Rising Stars cast is made up of both principal and ensemble roles. Actors cast in a principal role will have speaking lines and/or solos. Actors in the ensemble sing and dance as part of a group, and while there are several additional featured opportunities they do not always have individual lines or solos. No matter the size of the role, all participants are integral to the success of the production. All participating young performers will be in rehearsal working towards the final performance and/or engaged in "triple threat" training throughout the day.  We ask that young performers are fully committed to participating in our Rising Stars Summer Productions by registering before auditioning.

Learn more about Camp Phoenix

What is Camp Phoenix?
Operated by Phoenix Productions at our Rehearsal Center in Red Bank, Camp Phoenix is a dynamic summer program that teaches acting, music and dance with an emphasis on both fun and “triple threat training”. It's an opportunity to train with the professionals who cast and produce the shows you see on the Count Basie stage! The curriculum is designed to develop the "Triple Threat" with instruction in singing, acting and dancing for musical theatre.  Please note all registrations are final, no refunds, no exceptions.

What is a Triple Threat Performer?
In theatre language, a Triple Threat Performer sings well, dances well, acts well, and feels confident on stage. From high school stages to Broadway, directors look for the actor who can sing and dance; the singer who can dance and act; the dancer who can act and sing. For more than 25 years, Phoenix has been “growing its own talent” by teaching young people how to sing, dance, and act well enough to perform alongside seasoned professionals.

How much experience is needed?
There is no child too new to theatre or too seasoned to gain something from this camp. Children new to performing are introduced to the arts and those with experience are able to practice what they know as well as further hone their skills.
Who are the instructors?
Instructors are drawn from the ranks of Phoenix veterans with solid experience in both theatre and teaching. The camp staff consists of a director/acting coach, musical director/vocal coach and choreographer with assistants.

Can my child attend camp all summer?
Because each session is tailored to challenge the students enrolled, no two experiences are the same. Campers wishing to have a full summer of musical theatre training can enroll in all sessions available for their age group and not feel like they are repeating a canned course.

What is the Phoenix Educational Philosophy?

Phoenix is committed to a well-defined mission: to provide quality theatrical experiences to our constituencies on both sides of the footlights.

In keeping with this mission Phoenix has, as one of its goals, the desire and intent to provide for its community a quality educational program that provides broad accessibility to all those who are interested, regardless of age.  It is implicit in our mission that we provide a wealth of experiences in the transformational power of the performing arts.  We believe in the artist in us all. Listening to and developing the “inner artist” is good for our growth, creativity, teamwork, collaboration and connectedness.  Phoenix committed to the nurturing artistic development and enjoyment for all ages, from 6 to 96!

Phoenix's Rising Stars Academy offers a well-rounded creative home for youth with a curriculum is aligned with the National and State Core Arts Educational Standard in the belief that young performers should be exposed to:

  1. An understanding of the important role of theatre, dance and music in society;
  2. A solid technical training in theatrical performance skills and production development;
  3. A wide range of performing opportunities to showcase their unfolding talents.
  4. An appreciation of stage craft.

This curriculum strives to prepare the serious student for pre-professional and college level training.  This curriculum will be infused into classes, camps, workshops, and student productions.  Our educational philosophy also requires that teachers create a safe space within which to learn, risk and grow whether a beginner or advanced student.   From the Golden Era of musical theatre, to cutting edge musicals like Broadway’s Hamilton, our students and future performers will learn to appreciate a rich landscape of performing arts and develop a life-long passion for musical theatre and its component art forms.

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