Peter Pan

PhoePeterPan_Full_4C-300x300nix Productions presented its revival of  the immortal Broadway musical, Peter Pan, November 13th 2015,  at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank. This Tony-award nominated musical depicts the adventures of Peter, a mischievous young boy afraid of growing up, as he and the three Darling children fly to the magical world of Never Never Land. Once there, the children have various encounters with people such as the nefarious Captain Hook and Peter's gang of Lost Boys who join them on their adventures.

Cast List:
Peter Pan - Jennifer Townsend
Mr.Darling - Mike Patierno
Mrs. Darling/Adult Wendy - Rachel Brown
Wendy Darling - Jordan Gilbert
John Darling - Michael Friedman
Michael Darling - Jack Sweeney
Jane - Taylor Carpinello
Nana/Croccodile - Jeff Sesselberg

The Pirates:
Captain Hook - Mike Patierno
Smee - Todd Aikens
Starkey - Michael Skloff
Mike DeVito, Andrew Behrens, Casey Okamoto, Timothy Day Slisky, Michael Dalberg, Tom Burke

The Lost Boys:
Twin 1 & 2 Josh Ferro, Noah Ferro
Slightly Soiled - AJ Melnick
Tootles - Anthony Broccoli
Curly - Tomas Carson
Nibs - Jake Rallo
Parker Aimone, Matthew Blankley

The Indians:
Tiger Lily - Patricia McCarron
Sarah Coleman, Jessica D'Agostino, Miranda Franco, Lindsay Paige, Hayley Miller, Victoria Leigh Keiser, Ashley Bruno, Rachel Brown

Darlings with PP 3   Hook-Lily-PP 1   Hook & Peter 2 PP flying