Jesus Christ Superstar

Just in time for the Easter Season, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice’s Rock Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar hits the Count Basie Stage. Loosely based on the four Gospels of the Christian Bible, the opera brings to life the last days in the life of Jesus Christ. Although the opera deals with the central story of Christianity, Jesus Christ Superstar is primarily concerned with the psychological and political motivations of the characters, and does not aim to promote or deny any particular religious belief.



The Cast

Jesus – Jon Berry

Judas – Remember Jones

Mary – Bre Cade

Herod – Jeffrey O’Neill

Pilate – Randy Cooper

Caiaphas – Rich Anzivino

Apostle (Peter) – Rich Hennessy

Apostle (Simon Zealots) – Marc Goldberg

Apostle (Andrew) – Alex Lee

Apostle (James the Lesser) – Matthew Alexander Sarnovsky

Apostle (Matthew) – Matthew Giove

Apostle (Jude) – Dwight Merritt

Apostle (Philip) – Mike Gwiazdowski

Apostle (John) – Anthony Broccoli

Apostle (James) – Greg Perkins

Apostle (Bartholomew) and High Priest – Mike Dalberg

Annas/Apostle Thomas — Anthony Preuster

High Priest/Guard – Kirk Murdoch

High Priest/Guard – Mike DeVito

Ensemble/Maid by the Fire – Emily Parsowith

Ensemble – Alyssa Kemper

Ensemble – Ashley Bruno

Ensemble – Christa DiLalo Petti

Ensemble – Gabrielle Michel

Ensemble – Hayley Miller

Ensemble – Melissa Javorek

Ensemble – Morgan Mack

Ensemble – Pam Rogers

Production Staff

Producer - Tom Martini

Associate Producer - Laurie Edwards

Director - James Grausam

Musical Director - Chris Sabol

Choreographer - Q

Set Designer - Ashley R. Cusack

Costume Designer - Sue Darling Hawley

Lighting Designer - Anthony Calicchio

Sound Designer - Lou Mannarino, L&M Sound

Technical Director - Scott Naef

Production Stage Manager - Brian LaRue

Rehearsal Stage Manager - Carolyn Bembridge

Assistant Choreographer - Kara Krichman

Properties - Marisa Coppola

Set Construction - Diego Goez, Bill Ingoglia, Bob Fuller

Scenic Artist - Katrina Cusack

Seamstresses - Angela Buble, Dona Coffey, Liz Cooper, Morgan Gralla, Shannon Kehoe,

Wardrobe Supervisor - Joanne Penrose

House Managers - Wendy Dobbs, Lindsay Wood

Raffle Coordinators - Randee Skloff, Michael Skloff

Photography - Tom Martini, Maggie Nagle, Rich Kowalski