Damn Yankees

Joe Boyd is a typical middle-aged man who is addicted to baseball. Every baseball season is painful for him because his team, the Washington Senators, always loses to the Yankees. Joe ends up making a pact with the Devil that allows Joe Boyd to turn into the slugger, Joe Hardy. Hardy becomes the savior of the Washington Senators and a star in the Major Leagues. The problem is that Joe has also agreed to let the Devil have his soul. Featuring songs such as “Goodbye Old Girl” and “Those Were the Good Old Days,”Damn Yankees ran on Broadway for over 1,000 performances.


Joe Hardy – Eric Harper

Lola – Jackie Mercandetti

Applegate – James Grausam

Welch – Howard Smith

Gloria Thorpe – Aziza Seven

Joe Boyd – Mark Schumacher

Meg Boyd – Shelley Ziegler

Doris – Arlene Britt

Sister – Sandye Rudnitzky

Van Buren – Joe Minnella

Rocky – Anthony Preuster

Henry – Andrew Behrens

Vernon – Bobby Davis

Commissioner – Paul Caliendo

Eddie – Drew Wilfrid

Sohovik – Joseph DeMaio

Mickey – Connor Wilson

Linville – Andrew Diaz

Smokey – Jonathan Jacob

Ball Players – Chase Hintelmann,

Drew Wilfrid & Mike Gwiazdowski 

Children’s Ensemble – Alexandra Pennington, Isabella Moitoso, Jacob Canderozzi, Jake Rallo, Kyle Kennedy, Patrick Marhold, Tess Hintelmann Ensemble – Alyssa Cichy, Annalisa DeSeno, Ashley Bruno, Brianna Rosado, Dawn Gaylardo, Jessica Fisher, Kasi Sweeney, Maggie Barilka, Victoria Leigh Keiser

Production Staff

Produced by Lindsay Wood

Associate Production by Christine Paccillo

Directed by Mike Kroll

Choreographed by Rachel Wasser

Musical Direction by Andrew Macirowski

Assistant Direction by Melissa Javorek