We are closing our production on Sunday June 30th and have many scenic pieces available for purchase.  Hopefully these can find a home in your theater. Please see some items and descriptions below and let us know if you have any interest or questions.

Pickup on June 30th around 6pm in Red Bank, NJ. Or, while we would need a commitment and payment by Sunday June 23rd, we would be willing to hold the items in our scene shop for a period of time.  Available with casters or without.  Pickup in Red Bank, NJ.  All available pieces fit in one 26 foot Penske.

Many props available as well!

Email with questions. Thanks for your interest!

Directed by Corey Rubel

Scenic Design by Robert Terrano and Haley Schmallenbach


3 Towers

By far the most complicated piece available is the 3 towers. They are 8’x8’ footprints and 16 feet tall with integrated steps in the back. They are on roto-casters and move forward/backward or pivot well. 2”x 6” construction with 3/4 ply decking. Disassemble completely into 2 8’x8’ decks and 8’ and 16’ posts. They are really awesome for a traditional staging.

received_253512222020334 (2).jpeg

2 platforms

Located on the sides, these units are 3’x8’ platforms that are 8’ high. Used for rooftop scenes and throughout the show. They can disassemble but we have transported them intact. Integrated gates (not pictured) as well. Ladder on each unit. Railing not included. Also on roto-casters.


6 Projection screens

6 pieces of black scrim cut to fit ‘windows’ of the towers available for purchase. Buyer to rig their own system for movement (but we’ll be happy to show you what we did).


3 muslin Flats

For Medda scene, these flats are pictured currently in paint but will update once they’re done. Three 4x8 muslin flats, unfinished in the rear for traditional staging, on 2” casters. Will be painted completely as per script.


Santa fe/pulitzer

Double sided flat for Act 2 with Santa fe on one side and the political cartoon on the back.


5 Deli signs

3’x6’ luan covered hollywood flats painted as deli signs. All 5 are separate (picture is deceiving). Easily rigged to fly.