Man of la Mancha

Presented at the Count Basie Theatre
 October 1994


Captain of the Inquisition –
Eric Levin
Don Quixote (Cervantes) –
Martin GrubmanSancho (The Manservant) –
John Grewen

The Innkeeper (The Governor) –
Billy Introcaso
Maria, The Innkeeper’s Wife –
Colleen Delaney
Dr. Carrasco (The Duke) –
Randy Cooper
Aldonza – Lee Berman
The Padre – Paul Blinn
Antonia – Barbara Brakowski
The Housekeeper – Susan Fenster
The Barber – Bob Steiner
The Guitarist – Brian Breen
The Horses, Dancers –
Victoria Cozzolino, Colleen Delaney
Head Muleteer – Michael Cutler
Brian Breen – Tom Burke – Barry Cohen
Mouhamed Kandil – Wayne Peck
Producer – Joe McGlone
Associate to the Producer – Ellen Walsh
Assistant to the Producer – Ryan McGlone
Director/Set Designer – Tom Martini
Assistant to the Director – Todd Aikens
Musical Director – Judy Helms
Musical Numbers Staged by – David Pacheco
Assistant Choreographer – Colleen Delaney
Lighting Designer – Scott Naef
Costume Coordinator – Linda Erickson
Costume Sewing – Dori Erickson, Dawna McClendon, Susan Liu
Props Mistress – Betty DeTuro
Props Assistant – Jennifer Malone, Tracy McAlpin
Sound Design – L&M Sound Design
Stage Manager – Eric Levin
Technical Director – Bruce Winter
Set Construction Supervisor – Cecil Sprung
Light Board Operator – Jennifer Baczewski
Set Construction – Michael Walsh, Eric Levin, Paul Blinn, Susan Fenster, Bruce Winter, Barbara Brakowski, Victoria Cozzolino, Ryan McGlone
Scenic Artist – Jennifer Stanjeski
Technical Staff – Jeff Segal, Luke Lesnoiwski, Joe Nittoso
Production Assistant – Nancy Karpf
High School Ticket Sales – Ellen Walsh, Andrea Andrews
Group Ticket Sales – Wendy Dobbs

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