Little Shop of Horrors

Presented at the Henderson Theater
July 1989

Chiffon – Laura Pavlicek
Crystal – Tracey Liao
Ronnette – Christina Davis
Mushnik – Andrew J. Petschenik
Audrey – Gina Christofaro
Seymour – Erik M. Farber
Orin & more – Todd Aikens
Audrey II Manipulator – Tom Levier
Audrey II Voice – Ian H. Gonzalez
Pianist – Michelle Avakian-Haber
Bass – Adrienne Synnott
Keyboards – Robert Sammond
Percussion – Jamie C. Rizzo 
Producer – Mark E. Fleming
Director – Joseph Bravaco
Music Director – Michelle Avakian-Haber
Set Designer – Mark E. Fleming
Lighting Designer – J. W. Woodlock
Costume Coordinator – Ellen Walsh
Stage Manager – Sharon McGoldrick
Assistant Director – Faye Competello
Assistant Vocal Director – Adrien Synnott
Set Construction Supervisor – Cecil Sprung
Set Construction – Sue Kulinyi, Bill Woodlock, Joe Bravaco, Mark Fleming, Ian Gonzalez, Leslie Woodlock, Laura Pavlicek, Sharon McGoldrick, Matt Richman, Todd Aikens, Rob Scott, Gina Cristofaro, Andrew Petschenik, Erik Farber, Tracey Liao, Christopher Edwards, Christopher Ferrante, Christina Davis, Bob Thomas
Costume Construction – Chris Ceballos, Kitty Cleary, Molly Sutton, Susan Kloppenburg, Susan Flaherty
Stage Crew – Carl Brummert, Tracey Ceballos, Michael Constantini, Kenny Fan, Jerry Lansky, Joe McNeil, Debbie Morley, Bob Thomas, Tracey Woodlock
Spotlight Operator – Cecil Sprung, Bill Woodlock
Props Master – Joe McNeil
Production Assistant – Tom Levier
Make-up – Patti DiVito, Maryanne Gallagher, Kate Crowie

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