Phoenix Rising Star Academy

In keeping with our mission of providing quality theatrical experiences to our constituencies on both sides of the footlights, and with the space we are now afforded by our larger home, we are pleased to offer year-round musical theatre training for all ages!


Phoenix Rising Star Academy has, as one of its goals, the desire and intent to provide for its community a quality educational program that provides broad accessibility to all those who are interested, regardless of age.  It is implicit in our mission that we provide a wealth of experiences in the transformational power of the performing arts.  We believe in the artist in us all. Listening to and developing the “inner artist” is good for our growth, creativity, teamwork, collaboration and connectedness.  Phoenix committed to the nurturing artistic development and enjoyment for all ages, from 6 to 96!

Check out our Summer 2017 Musical Theatre Experiences HERE!


In addition to interesting and engaging classes for our more mature enthusiasts, Phoenix’s Rising Star Academy offers a well-rounded creative home for youth with a curriculum is aligned with the National and State Core Arts Educational Standard in the belief that young performers should be exposed to:

  1. An understanding of the important role of theatre, dance and music in society;
  2. A solid technical training in theatrical performance skills and production development;
  3. A wide range of performing opportunities to showcase their unfolding talents.
  4. An appreciation of stage craft.

This curriculum strives to prepare the serious student for pre-professional and college level training.  This curriculum will be infused into classes, camps, workshops, and student productions.  Our educational philosophy also requires that teachers create a safe space within which to learn, risk and grow whether a beginner or advanced student.   From the Golden Era of musical theatre, to cutting edge musicals like Broadway’s Hamilton, our students and future performers will learn to appreciate a rich landscape of performing arts and develop a life-long passion for musical theatre and its component art forms.