“Fall Weekly Class Series” Announced for Youth and Adults

Fall Weekly Class Series: 8 Weeks of Training – September 26th through November 21st


Broadway Kids    Ages 7 to 10
Class Description:
Do you enjoy performing for friends and family? Do you love to sing, dance, act or all three?  “Broadway Kids” will work towards developing the skills and tools used in Musical Theatre. Students will focus on their triple threat vocal, dance and acting skills while performing their favorite Broadway songs and learning simple Broadway dance combinations from favorite shows.  In the course of the class they will work on stage performance basics,  develop confidence in their singing voice, explore character development and play theatre games that prepare them to work together and be “in the moment” on stage. A beginning history of the theater will help the young performer begin to develop an understanding and appreciation for the art as well as for the planning and practice that is part of developing a production for the stage. 

Tuesdays 4:00pm- 5:30pm September 27th through November 15th

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $175

Regular Tuition: $195
Broadway Prep I   Ages 11-14
Class Description:
Do you belong center stage?  This class is designed to work on developing the triple threat skills needed to prepare young artists for audition and performance experiences in Musical Theatre.  Students will focus on vocal, dance and acting skills while beginning to work on their favorite Broadway songs and learning dance combinations from favorite shows. In the course of this 8 week class, students will also be guided through improvisation, theatre games, ensemble vocals, group scene study and character development using classic and contemporary Broadway Repertoire. Musical theatre appreciation/history will also be emphasized to help your future Broadway stars achieve a more comprehensive understanding of the art. 

Tuesdays 5:30pm- 7:00pm September 27th through November 15th

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $175

Regular Tuition: $195

Broadway Prep II   Ages 11-14
Class Description:
Do you dream of your name in lights someday? Do you have you sights set on getting a role in an upcoming mainstage or Broadway Jr. production at Phoenix? Broadway Prep II, the second level of Broadway Prep, delves even further into the craft of musical theatre performance and audition technique through songs, scenes, and movement. Students in this “pre-professional” level class will be introduced to solo work while continuing to work on ensemble performances. While they develop their triple threat skills individually and as an ensemble, students will learn to analyze scripts and songs for performance, begin individual monologue work, learn intermediate Broadway choreography, and illustrate an understanding of what is required to be prepared for a professional level musical theatre audition. This class will culminate in a final performance for friends and family that will showcase the songs, scene work, and choreography worked on in class.  Pre-requisite of Broadway Prep I is required, or by instructor permission. For the dedicated young performer, Broadway Prep and Broadway Prep II may also be taken simultaneously.
Thursdays 5:30pm- 7:00pm September 29th through November 17th

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $175

Regular Tuition: $195

Rising Stars Elite (Teen Performing Ensemble)     Ages 14-18
Class Description:
Rising Stars Elite is a performance based Teen Ensemble developed specifically for Phoenix’s most advanced teen triple threat performers!  In this pre-professional level performance class, teens will work with Elite Ensemble directors to perfect individual audition and showcase songs, workshop partnered duets and scene work, and learn original Broadway choreography to iconic Musical Theatre rep in addition to putting together full production numbers of Broadway’s hottest hits. Elite Ensemble performers will work as an ensemble with the goal of not only a final showcase performance for parents, friends, and invited guests, but also representing Phoenix Productions as its Elite Ensemble at high profile events throughout the season. Students will learn to pick up and master intermediate to advanced level Broadway choreography and learn production numbers with the focus required in a professional performance environment.  In addition, the triple threat performance skills developed in this class through individual and ensemble work will help students feel prepared for college and professional level musical theatre auditions.  

Mondays 5:30pm- 7:00pm September 26th through November 21 (NO CLASS October 31s)  

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $225

Regular Tuition: $250


Kids Tap I and II! Ages 6-11 and 12-16

Class Description:

Tap is back! Our tap class will help you discover a new talent or develop your current tap skills while learning Musical Theatre tap performance combinations! “Kids tap will help you get ready for your next tap audition at Phoenix or on Broadway!

Kids Tap I: Ages 6-11

Mondays 5:00-6:00pm September 26th through November 21st (NO CLASS October 31st)  

Kids Tap II: Ages 12-16

Mondays 6:00-7:00pm September 26th through November 21st (NO CLASS October 31st)  

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $75

Regular Tuition: $95


Newest Class Addition!

Broadway Baby (Pre-K to K) Ages 3-5

Class Description:
This is a class for our youngest Rising Stars, incorporating creative movement, singing, and storytelling to introduce and develop motor skills, performance comprehension, and confidence. Using Broadway themes and familiar children’s stories, your child will learn the basics of presenting for an audience, improvising, and acting in character. A fun acting, singing, and dancing class tailored to young school-aged children, this class begins the crossover from creative drama to dramatic arts.

Mondays 10:00am-12:00pm September 26th through November 14th

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $95

Regular Tuition: $125




Broadway Tap (for Adults) Ages 16 to 96

Class Description:

Tap is back! Our Broadway Rep tap class, with a focus on traditional Musical Theatre tap styles will help you discover a new talent or develop your current tap skills. Come have a good time with us no matter your current skill level, and get ready for your next tap audition at Phoenix or on Broadway.

Mondays 7:00-8:00pm September 26th through November 21st (NO CLASS October 31st)  

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $75

Regular Tuition: $95


Adult Cabaret Class with a Final Cabaret Performance at Don’t Tell Mama’s in NYC! Adult (older teens by permission of instructor)

Class Description:

For the seasoned musical theatre performer, make your New York Cabaret debut! This Cabaret

Class offers an opportunity to work with a music director on perfecting your favorite musical

theatre material in order to perform in more intimate theaters, cabaret spaces, and social settings.

For seven weeks you will work on perfecting solos and duets as well as a closing group

number that will be performed as a final cabaret showcase at the top NYC cabaret club venue “Don’t Tell Mama” during week eight (November 21st). An agent or casting director will be invited along with family, friends and other special guests. Focus is given to song interpretation, vocal dynamics, personality, stage patter, appropriate staging, and making your song connect with the audience through humor and vulnerability. Select songs from dream shows or characters you might like to play and bring your sheet music to the first class.

Mondays 8:00-9:30pm September 26th through November 21st (NO CLASS October 31st)  

Early Bird Tuition (by Sept.6th) $175

Regular Tuition: $195




Class Description:

All One Day Master Classes run from 9:00am-4:00pm and focus on a show currently running on Broadway. Students will learn scenes, choreography, and songs including full production numbers directly from the show of the day, while having fun with friends and developing their triple threat skill-set.  


Wicked Themed Master Class- (Rosh Hashanah) Monday, October 3rd

Matilda Themed Master Class – (Yom Kippur) Wednesday, October 12th

Hamilton Themed Master Class- (MLK Day) Monday January 16th

School of Rock Themed Master Class- (Veteran’s Day/ NJEA) – Friday, November 11th

Disney on Broadway Themed Master Class (Professional Day) Friday, February 3rd

Cats Themed Master Class (President’s Day) Monday, February 20th

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Themed Master Class (Memorial Day) May 29th


Choose 6 out of 7 dates for our One Day Master Class Discounted “6-pack”! ($350 for 6 classes!)

OR you may register for each class separately for $70 a class (9:00am-4:00pm)


* No refunds will be issued less than four weeks before the first day of a class or camp session, except in the event that the event is cancelled by Phoenix Productions. (A student may be eligible for a full refund if he/she is unable to attend due to medical reasons.  A note from the physician must accompany the written refund request.)


Phoenix is committed to a well-defined mission: to provide quality theatrical experiences to our constituencies on both sides of the footlights. For our audiences, we aim to make high quality theatre accessible and affordable. For our performersdesigners, and craftspeople, we aim to provide a nurturing, professional-quality environment in which they can polish and display their talents.


In keeping with this mission Phoenix has, as one of its goals, the desire and intent to provide for its community a quality educational program that provides broad accessibility to all those who are interested, regardless of age.  It is implicit in our mission that we provide a wealth of experiences in the transformational power of the performing arts.  We believe there is an artist in us all that is nurtured in experiences that are both educational and entertaining.  Listening to and developing the “inner artist” in good for our growth, creativity, teamwork, collaboration and connectedness.   These qualities are important to development and resilience at all ages, from four to 94!  It also builds a better community through teaching the value of collaboration.  “Collaboration is the Highest Art!”


In our Rising Star Academy we are dedicated to the idea that Every Performer Shines!  Whether you or your child seeks to develop a rewarding amateur interest or wishes to develop professional skills in performing, there will be something here for you.  We want you to find your creative home here.


The Rising Star Academy is aligned with the National and State Core Arts Educational Standards in the belief that young performers should be exposed to


  1. An understanding of the important role of theatre, dance and music in society;   
  2. A solid technical training in performance skills and production development and     
  3.  A wide range of performing opportunities to showcase their unfolding talents.  


This will prepare the serious student for pre-professional and college level training.  This curriculum will be infused into classes, camps and workshops.  Our educational philosophy also requires that teacher create a safe space within which to learn, risk and grow whether a beginner or advanced student.  


We also take to heart the development of the future theatre audience so this treasured aspect of society in patronized.  From the Golden Era of traditional musical theatre, to cutting edge contemporary musicals like Broadway’s Hamilton, our students and future performers will learn to appreciate a rich landscape of performing arts.


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