Into The Woods Cast Announcement

Producer Christine Paccillo and her production team have assembled a cast for our September revival of Into the Woods:


Narrator/ Mysterious Man: Will Shelton
Baker: Joe Hausvater
Baker’s Wife: Lindsay Wood
Cinderella: Alison Levier
Jack: AJ Melnick
Witch: Victoria Keiser
Jack’s Mom: Katie McKenna Mestres
Cinderella’s Prince: Joseph York
Rapunzel’s Prince: Matt DeMarco
Wolf: Steven Brandt
Stepmother: Sara McNeil
Florinda: Mikayla Petrilla
Lucinda: Erica Delbury
Rapunzel: Katie Reed
Steward: Kevin McGee
Cow: Alexandra Lockhart
Cinderella’s Mom/Granny/Giant: Gina Scherzo
Little Red: Gina Teschke

Thanks to all who auditioned, and congratulations to the cast. Tickets are now available through our Box Office at (732) 747-0014 or at